Neko (aka Corina Becker) has been drawing comics of various quality for as long as she can
remember. In 2003, she launched Amhelaki Misadventures, a comic-form manuscript draft for a novel
she's writing. In 2005, she started Lord of the Shepherd with her friend Cinnamon, as artist
and co-writer. Both Lord of the Shepherd and Amhelaki Misadventures are under hiatus due to
technical difficulties. In 2008, she started the Kender and the Bender, which first came online
in 2010. Although participating since 2008, Neko has been successfully completing the 24 Hour Comic
Day challenge since 2009, creating the short comics The Children (2009) and The Journal of Angie Benson (2010).

Neko has a B.A. in English, and is currently studying Disability Studies at Ryerson University. She
blogs at No Stereotypes Here and various other places about Autism and Disability related issues.

Along with comics, Neko is working on two novel manuscripts, and engages in other creative
projects, such as painting, knitting, and attempting to make her own jewellery, with various results.
In her free time, she likes to mock/review movies, dressing up as a fairy at anime conventions,
and building Gundam models.

All comics and materials on site are copyright ©2011 Corina Lynn Becker