The very true and accurate miniature misadventures and humourous moments of a female apartment
of two English majors, sometimes a third, a Drama student, sometimes her boyfriend,
and an Applied Health Studies major, to be continued in the apartment of two English and a Fine Art major.

No seriously, we really did this and/or we joked about it.

Year One - Apartment 4

History of Apartment 4
Fire Help - Pirate Shopping - Monopoly - Finding Laundry - Half a Ling - Absent Stalker - Blasphemous Today
Talking flour - Tea Woman! - expired poison - Living Hazards - chewing box - hazards of cleaning - Hanging Up Point - The Sword of Glee
Secret Stash Crack - Initials Online - Person's People - Getting into Character - Lights, Keys, Weird - Flucky Flakes - Obvious Distraction
All Answers are in the Library - The Last Airbender Drinks - Chopstick Fail - Pace-A-Thon - PC Ninjas - Tea Sense
Living with Neko

Years Two and Three
Coming Soon

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